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Get Your Art On! We host creative social events so you can set your inner artist free. Learn new skills, make new friends and enjoy fabulous food and drink, all in our comfortable downtown Owen Sound studio.


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Learn more about graffiti, painting technique and materials, mural artistry and more in stories and photo essays by Billy Goodkat.

Meet Billy Goodkat

Raised in Belfast, Ireland, and trained in Southampton, England, mural and graffiti artist Billy Goodkat now hangs his hat (and his mask) in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

In the dozens of murals he’s painted for businesses, community groups and individuals on both sides of the pond, Billy has had the opportunity to work on spaces of up to 800 square feet in size. He’s led groups of students and adults in community art projects and now teaches a series of laid back, hands-on Art Nights in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Known as much for his reliability and collaborative nature as his artistic vision, Billy Goodkat is your mural artist of choice for commercial, residential and community works.

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